SR Energie

STATRON products are built according to international standards and offer the highest quality, reliability and serviceability.Suitable for Power Generation / T&D / Utilities /Oil & Gas / Petrochemica/Chemical /Transportation / Airports / Tunnels  

I ndustrial Batteries

Statron's collaboration with renowned manufacturers of industrial batteries allows our engineers to choose the best battery from a complete range of technologies suitable for every application. Over the last 25 years we have sized and supplied millions of battery cells to systems providing uninterrupted power to hospitals, telecom centers, power plants, data centers and many others. Our batteries are used in some of the harshest environmental conditions. From supplying power to satellite ground stations in the tropics of the equator to maintaining power to telecom relay stations in freezing temperatures on mountain tops.

Maintenance free valve regulated lead acid batteries

• using flat and tubular plate technologies.
• more than 10 different product ranges, each providing an optimized solution for special applications.

Vented tubular and flat plate batteries

• more than 20 different product ranges.
• the use of different lead allows to optimize the battery for any application.

Planté batteries

• highest life expectancy of any lead acid battery (25 years).
• ultra high discharge performance.

Nickel cadmium batteries

• pocket plate: technology offering the best mechanical strength
• sintered plate: technology for maximum power to volume ratio
• Plastic-bonded plate: technology providing high performance with very long cycle life.

I ndustrial Batteries