SR Energie

STATRON products are built according to international standards and offer the highest quality, reliability and serviceability.Suitable for Power Generation / T&D / Utilities /Oil & Gas / Petrochemica/Chemical /Transportation / Airports / Tunnels  

S tatron is a partner from AXA POWER

Frequency Converters

Our 400 Hz frequency converter ground power units meet the requirements of today's most advanced aircraft and are operational around the world in civil and military airports. 

In Switzerland the units are in use at Zurich, Geneva and Basel airports as well as at the Swiss Aircraft and Systems Co. Emmen for powering and testing the FA-18 fighter and other military aircraft.

400 Hz
The 400 Hz GPU's are available in mobile and stationary units using state of the art technology for powering civil and military aircraft as well as 400 Hz ground radar systems. 

50 Hz/60 Hz and 60 Hz/50 Hz
These units are based on our standard UPS product range and can be supplied with or without batteries.

Statron is the exclusive reseller of AXA POWER products in Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. Please contact us directly with your inquiry:

S tatron is a partner from AXA POWER